Asus GTX660 2GB DDR5 PCIE VC Review – Say Goodbye to Game Lag!

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One of the worst problems in gaming is often that noticeable lag which can really distract your gaming experience. Therefore, you may want to consider using the Asus GTX660 2GB DDR5 PCIE VC instead of your current graphics card. As you can see, from its dedicated 2GB GDDR5 alone, you can already have some peace of mind, knowing that such a huge memory can handle just about any games you can possibly find today.
In addition to that, this gaming video card from Asus also comes with the DirectCU II technology. With this technology, the heatpipes are placed in a direct contact with the GPU itself. As a result, you can expect 20% cooler temperature than with other cards and an airflow measuring 6 times greater than that of the conventional GPU cooling design.
If you are not quite satisfied with the clock speed the GPU offers by default, you can always boost it as well. Thanks to the GPU Boost technology from NVIDIA, the clock speed will be adjusted to the maximum level dynamically, allowing you to concentrate on your games. And, for a detailed and almost lifelike visual experience, this amazing graphics card from Asus also supports the PhysX technology.
If you are a fan of multi-display gaming, you will love the SLI support provided by this particular graphics card. Better yet, to make your games feel more like the real deal, this GPU features the 3D Vision Surround technology, too. Combining the SLI and the 3D Vision Surround features, gaming has never been better, thanks to 3D display at the resolution of 5760 x 1080 pixels, provided you use three displays at once.
Of course, the communication from the GPU to CPU and vice versa needs to be done really quickly as well and this is enabled by the PCIE 3.0 interface. The DirectX 11.1 API even further enhances the capability of the Asus GTX660 2GB DDR5 PCIE VC.

Asus GTX 660 2Gb Video Card

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