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One huge mistake small businesses commit

15 Jan 14 - computer tips - No Comments

There is a common question in the small and medium business (SMB) community whether they need to use small business server for their business. The truth is that the only businessmen who think that they don’t need small business server on their businesses are IT experts. However, the workload of doing the different IT task […]

Do Computer Service and Maintenance like a Pro

15 Jan 14 - computer tips - No Comments

Question: What do you call something that’s unorganized, clogged, and needs cleaning? No, it’s not the sink but you are almost there. In fact, it is right in front of you– your computer.  When the data in your computer are stored in different “shelves” or packets in your hard disk, it clogs down. It slows […]

Leave Computer Repairs to Computer Experts

15 Jan 14 - computer tips - No Comments

Computer is without a doubt the most widely used piece of machinery needed for almost all kinds of work nowadays and the need for it just keeps on growing. For that reason alone, you must see to it that you are maintaining you computer on a regular basis, and it helps a lot if you […]