Do Computer Service and Maintenance like a Pro

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Question: What do you call something that’s unorganized, clogged, and needs cleaning? No, it’s not the sink but you are almost there. In fact, it is right in front of you– your computer.  When the data in your computer are stored in different “shelves” or packets in your hard disk, it clogs down. It slows down your computer and affects its performance. It is very, very important to do regular computer service and maintenance.

What computer maintenance basically does is keep your programs running nice and smoothly. It streamlines your workflow every time you use the computer.  It is like bringing your car for servicing and maintenance.  Computer servicing involves removing of unwanted files in your hard drives, organizing useful data and files, fixing unnecessary errors and cleaning from dust. It does sound like cleaning your car, doesn’t it?

But before you call the IT guys, here are some useful guidelines on how to do your own computer service and maintenance like a pro:

The X Factors

There are three factors that you need to consider in the physical set up of your computer: electricity, air and room temperature. “Dirty” electricity such as sudden power surge, brownouts, sags and spikes affects your files and data just like a computer virus. It can lead to system failures and. It is best to have an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) for your computer. It assesses if the power interruption will take long, thus giving you enough power to save your files.

Air and room temperature affect the parts of your computer. The vents on your computer case must not be blocked in order to have a smooth airflow. This prevents the computer parts from overheating.  Always keep the temperature between 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit with 50-70% humidity to prevent static build up.


Your virus removal tools should always be running and up-to-date. Your computer firewalls and virus protection must be enabled at all times, and the critical updates must be configured for auto-update mode. Computer anti-virus detects and removes virus, trojans and spywares while the computer firewall prevents these malicious programs from getting installed in your computer system.

Monthly and Yearly Check Up

Regularly run disk defragmentation on your hard drives every month. When you store data into your computer, it does not automatically go where it’s supposed to be. Because of this, computer takes time to look for the files and give you the results. Defragmenting your hard drives solve this problem as it arranges the files by batches and relevance.

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