One huge mistake small businesses commit

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There is a common question in the small and medium business (SMB) community whether they need to use small business server for their business. The truth is that the only businessmen who think that they don’t need small business server on their businesses are IT experts. However, the workload of doing the different IT task will consume the businessman’s time, which he should spent on the important matter of his business.


Small business server handles the simple IT tasks for you, such as system and data backup, system restoration, operating system patching and updates. You may already know all these tasks, however keep in mind that these “simple” tasks are time-consuming. This is not practical especially if you have more than 10 computers.


In the competitive world of business, businessmen have the same footing as far as time is concerned. We all have 24 hours in a day. Your time should be spent managing your business, and not maintaining and knowing every the nuts and bolts of the business database. For this reason you rely task to your business partners who are either IT consultants or IT support companies. Unfortunately, most small IT solution companies who offer small business server services only worsen the problem and the situation. Eventually, they will give suggestions such as need for hardware upgrades, more investment in resources, and frequent system back and restoration.


Another issue with relying your business to other people hands is security. You cannot always be certain if your confidential information are safe and sound from hackers. They can use and send socially engineered emails in your server, and when these phishing emails are opened they could install malicious programs.


Frequent downtime is also a big issue when you do not have a reliable small business server at hand. This is because every time you perform IT tasks and operating system restoration or data backup, it uses most of your computer’s memory. Thus, you need to cease for the meantime whatever you should be doing. Downtime and less production mean that there is no business operation, and that doesn’t sound good.


You now have a bird’s eye view on what are the complications when you don’t use small business server for your business. Consider getting an alternative that provides business solution that suit your needs. For the key points mentioned earlier, it is important that you don’t have downtimes. This means that there is a steady workflow of information exchange between your business and your customers, such as sending emails, sharing and creating documents, and accessing to relevant information of your services.


The business solution must have an uncomplicated system to lessen the need of IT support, and must have a strong security background to prevent security attacks. A good system framework for a small business server is Linux based.


Last but certainly not the least, it should be easy to deploy and convenient. It should not require your business for additional resource and hardware upgrade, and updates and troubleshooting must be done remotely for minimize business downtime.


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